How are we

EasternGraphics was created as a "spin off" of the Technical University of Ilmenau in Germany in 1996. We have grown and now we are a multinational company with more than 200 members who constantly contribute with creativity and passion.

We have offices in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, France, Turkey and partner companies in Denmark, Austria and Switzerland. We work with large companies around the world, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

In an era of globalized business, we are able to offer universally accepted innovative solutions.

What we do

We create streamlined, innovative and integrated sales processes. pCon facilitates communication between all professionals involved in the sales process: architects, designers, area managers, representatives, specialized dealers and facility managers.

We have achieved a high level of expertise in online and offline solutions for

  • Interior design

  • Online and offline product configuration

  • Innovative communication with customers and partners

  • Quick creation of quotations

  • Order entry automation


We are present in different sectors, from home and office furniture to industrial and medical. Our strength remains the office and contract sectors where we pCon is the world's leading solution.



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pCon.basket PRO (soon availble)

Virtual Reality

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The pCon solutions are focused on interior design professionals. There are various modules, some focused on interior design, others for quote creation and sales communication. Use the offline modules to get maximum power and the online modules to work and communicate on the go.

All pCon modules work with configurable data – a powerful mix of different types of information that speed up tasks. Your customer ideas will have immediate feedback, thanks to high levels of speed and interactivity generated by the configurable data.


You'll find the generic kitchen and living library (currently available only for certain markets), and hundreds of catalogs for furniture solutions for many sectors such as office, contract, home, educational, stores, and more.

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