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Business is mobile

The sales role requires constant movement and communication with customers, partners and their design team.

With pCon.facts, you have centralized access to all product information and resources. An intuitive and incredibly professional solution.

Tolomeo of Artemide configured in pCon.facts

Everything at hand

Specify products, check prices, generate custom images, access documents, share personalized 3D geometries, amaze with augmented reality.


All from your smartphone wherever you are!

Clear and visual communication

Once you have configured the product a high quality 3D model is generated in real time. Rotate, activate automatic measurements, choose a transparent background.

It's never been easier to generate personalized communication material.

Clear and visual communication for interior designers

Impress customers by highlighting the personalized and easy to understand 3D models. Zoom in on the details and play with dimensions, shapes, and finishes.


Create immersive experiences

Impress customers by showing the solution you're proposing in augmented reality directly in their environment.


Show possible variations in real time, save images and immediately share them via WhatsApp or email.

Share personalized geometries

Do you need to send the geometry of a product to a partner or customer?


Specify the product and pCon.facts generates the custom 3D CAD model in real time for easy sharing.

Shar personalized geometris - DWG,3DS, FBX
Generate an article list of your interior design project

Generate an article list

Define the desired quantity for each item. Create duplicate items to quickly generate variants.


Share the list as a PDF, open it in Excel to edit, or send it to one of the other pCon modules to continue the project.

The information comes to you

Don't waste time searching for information about a product.

Once an item is entered, pCon.facts automatically searches for all related product information that the manufacturer has made available - certifications, brochures, manuals, installation guides, photos and more.


Sales reps can provide services which were previously impossible


Increase the quality and responsiveness of your communication


Increase product knowledge and reduce errors

Send the project to other pCon modules creating efficient processes

Join the pCon community

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