Powerful kitchen planning

Access configurable neutral data to design complex kitchen environments.

The design process is visual and very intuitive - start with base/column modules, continue with side panels, top, sink, hanging modules and complete it with accessories.

A great design requires flexibility!

Choose from hundreds of parametric 3D models for maximum design flexibility.

To increase efficiency, the most common standard sizes are already predefined. We give space to all tastes, you can choose from classic to modern styles.

Create complex projects in minutes. Send the detail article list to different kitchen manufacturers, together with the project’s DWG to request quotes. Choose the best.

Play with materials

Create the perfect solutions using hundreds of super realistic materials - wood, laminates, stones, steel or compounds like Okite® and Corian®.

All RAL® colors, with glossy and opaque variants, are predefined.


Hyper-fast design

Elements are placed intuitively with visual interactors.

The inserted element inherits the properties of the last element placed, greatly increasing the design speed.

Attention to details

Details are important to differentiate your service.

All the doors in the different modules can be open. For modules containing appliances, you can use the default ones or insert your personalized appliances.

Add your products

The solution is extremely open. Import geometries, such as DWG, 3DS or SKP and customize your projects.

Insert configurable articles from other manufacturers or accessories from Sketchup's 3D gallery. Create your own custom modules with the powerful modeling features available in pCon.planner PRO.

Share the article list with suppliers

With a single click access a detailed article list of the elements in the project. Send it to different kitchen manufacturers, along with the project's DWG to request quotes. Choose the best.

Create a business proposal for your customers. With pCon.basket CE you’ll have access to many features to make your quotes more appealing and understandable.



pCon.planner PRO

pCon.basket PRO (soon availble)

Virtual Reality

Certified training


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The pCon solutions are focused on interior design professionals. There are various modules, some focused on interior design, others for quote creation and sales communication. Use the offline modules to get maximum power and the online modules to work and communicate on the go.

All pCon modules work with configurable data – a powerful mix of different types of information that speed up tasks. Your customer ideas will have immediate feedback, thanks to high levels of speed and interactivity generated by the configurable data.


You'll find the generic kitchen and living library (currently available only for certain markets), and hundreds of catalogs for furniture solutions for many sectors such as office, contract, home, educational, stores, and more.

Request free access to the pCon community.

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