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Create fantastic renders

We've made it extremely easy to create realistic renders in pCon.planner.

Our users were frustrated with complex rendering engines containing a zillion of options that only super specialized users are able to use.

We've revolutionized this process by making it simple - and free! Creating beautiful rendered images is now within the reach of all interior designers.

The best way to interpret light


pCon.planner uses a path tracing algorithm, which generates images that are true to reality.

It's the most realistic way to represent the effect of light on a scene – physically correct images are generated.

This algorithm is the same as used by other rendering solutions such as VRay™ or Cycles™. Quality is guaranteed!

Short times with Artificial Intelligence


The secret to create super fast render is the denoiser: a post-rendering filter that analyzes the noise and intelligently eliminates it, keeping texture and edge details unchanged.

Our denoising filter is based on an AI deep learning algorithm that has been trained to handle a wide range of samples per pixel. This means reducing rendering times from 50 to 80%!

More efficiency, more quality, a more competitive business!

Light the stage

You have several light types available which cover all possible lighting situations - spotlights, area lights, and environment lights.

Create your own illuminating material and apply it to any geometry. There are no limits to creating the perfect image.


Realistic materials

render materiali.jpg

pCon uses Physical Based Render (PBR) materials, the most advanced material model available. All materials are physically realistic: they accurately reproduce the flow of real-world light.

Create your own custom materials, using advanced techniques such as normal map, roughness map or texture transparency.

Faithfully recreate reality

The render engine has several techniques implemented that allows to reproduce a very wide dynamic range of brightness, similar to that of the human eye.
This allows you to have total control over different types of lighting, such as sunlight or extreme shadows, allowing to create a perfect render.

You can use built-in tone mapping or export an HDR image for post-processing in applications such as Photoshop™.


Add character and realism

Take your work to the next level by using 360-degree HDRI skybox images as a backdrop for your projects.

In these special background images each pixel contains not only the color, but also the intensity of the light - creating a realistic effect of the external environment on the scene.

Batch render

Efficiently render different scenes from your project using the background rendering process.

Set the cameras for which you want to create rendered images, and they will be automatically processed one after the other.

You can safely go home or continue working with pCon on some another project, as the process takes place in the background. Available in pCon.planner PRO.


Transparent images

Automatic shadow plane

Architectural view

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