Virtual Reality

Offer unique experiences

The use of VR in interior design leads to extraordinary results.

You no longer need to explain or let your customers imagine what the end result will look like. They can wear a VR headset and literally walk inside the project.

Simple, engaging, effective.

Virtual showrooms

Invite customers to your showroom for an immersive and innovative experience. It is thanks to services of this level that you can differentiate your business.

Even without a physical showroom, the VR experience, combined with augmented reality, is a great way to get the customer to interact with your products and solutions - wherever you are.


There's nothing better than seeing your project come to life thanks to VR headsets. Your customers will be amazed.

It's not just about delivering an exciting experience, it's also about showing you're up to date by integrating the most advanced technologies into your projects. It is a proof of competence and credibility.

Juan Ramon

CAD and VR/AR Deployment Specialist

"pCon.planner's VR plugin allows us to offer a new immersive experience to our customers for their projects. Perceiving projects in a human dimension help our customers make decisions."

Avoid errors

Another important advantage of VR is to cut on the frequent "back and forth" revisions typical of interior design projects.

When the customer immerses themselves in a VR environment, it will be easier to have a realistic perception of space and quickly recognize the necessary changes, reducing the overall effort.

Feel the space

VR allows customers to see in detail what their space will look like before making a final decision. This is especially crucial for less technical savvy customers.

Without VR, the customer can only rely on your renders and hope that their new environment is perfect. Why not provide this certainty?

VR made simple

Creating a 3D project just to present it in VR is a waste of resources with a dubious return on investment.

The great advantage of the VR plugin for pCon.planner PRO is that it uses the 3D project already created during the space planning and quotation process. No need for expensive extra effort!

It takes just one click

It really takes just one click to turn your project into a memorable customer experience. Existing materials and geometries in pCon.planner are automatically converted and optimized for VR viewing.

This means that your sales team can easily handle the process, both inside and outside the showroom.

Key features

  • Direct access to the pCon.planner project

  • Update project components directly from the VR viewer

  • Select and block specific layers

  • Define the starting location using a created camera

  • Move objects using the controller

  • Allow more people to take part interactively in the experience, even without the need for the VR headset (only for HTC Vive)

  • Product information panel

  • Compatible with HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets

Impress customers

No preparation work needed




pCon.planner PRO

pCon.basket PRO (soon availble)

Virtual Reality

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All pCon modules work with configurable data – a powerful mix of different types of information that speed up tasks. Your customer ideas will have immediate feedback, thanks to high levels of speed and interactivity generated by the configurable data.


You'll find the generic kitchen and living library (currently available only for certain markets), and hundreds of catalogs for furniture solutions for many sectors such as office, contract, home, educational, stores, and more.

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