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Configurable data is a powerful set of product information, enriched by several interconnected data types.

Configurable data in pCon - Online and Offline

Configurable data is one of the pillars for an innovative and efficient sales process.

Change gears

Configuration of the Wing table of True Design in mobile devices

Change any option - the geometry, price and code are automatically updated.

Easily insert sub-articles only in the possible locations. Experience unprecedented speed and efficiency!

Complexity becomes opportunity!

Customers’ ideas have immediate feedback, thanks to high levels of speed and interactivity generated by configurable data.


The cumbersome manual setup process becomes dynamic and fun.

Speed your sales process with product configuration

Elisabetta Pegoraro

St.for Italia Sistemi per Interni

With configurable data, I gain greater speed and accuracy in writing quotes with significant time saving, thus ensuring an immediate, timely and highly professional service.

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Hundreds of manufacturers to choose from, with extensive catalogs of configurable products.

Join the community and explore the catalogs of kitchen, living, office, contract, lighting, acoustic and many more.

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