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pCon.basket PRO

Tailor each quotation

Every quotation must be uniquely structured and presented to maximize the chances of closing a sales opportunity. It has to be clear and intuitive to the client in order to stimulate a positive reaction.


pCon.basket PRO gives you the efficiency and flexibility you need. It builds on the functionalities of the free pCon.basket CE, adding a lot of exclusive functionality.

Powerful professional CPQ quotation web based application

More comprehensible quotations

Create folders to create sub-totals by area, insert text articles to better describe your solutions and hide the complexity of modular products by grouping articles.

Provide choices to your customers by inserting alternative positions, which are clearly identified and will not add to the final quotation value.

Make it special

Combine the power of configurable articles with the flexibility of special articles. Easily create your own items and associate them with an image, description and price. If you frequently use your own special articles, create your own catalog by easily integrating an Excel file with the necessary information.


You can also just convert a standard article into a special one with a simple click.

Create special articles for your quotations

Unleash your productivity


Super-flexible report generation

The report template is one of the most powerful functionalities allowing you to quickly change what information is visible and the structure of the quotation. Flexibility in your hands!


With the same article list, it’s possible to create innumerable content variations resulting in highly personalized proposals. Adapt the information presented to different sales maturity stages, and to different product complexity levels.


With a click control more than 20 information and structure parameters - such as address alignment, group contents, discount/upcharges visibility, subtotals, images, manufacturer name, and many others.

Communicate better

Many times the product description provided by the manufacturer is not ideal or is not available in your preferred language.

With pCon.basket PRO you can easily add your personalized product descriptions that will help you close the deal with success.

Try it today!

Contact us for a free 30 day trial

Powerful article calculation

pCon.basket PRO adds a powerful article level calculation, allowing you total price flexibility for the selected articles.


Quickly determine the total value of a particular product series and easily apply special discounts or upcharges only to those selected products.


Apply suppliers conditions

Define default standard discounts for each one of your suppliers. With this information pCon.basket PRO automatically calculates the base margin of each quotation.


You can also change the default sales price, to consider eventual costs associated with each manufacturer or product - like installation or transportation.

Apply supplier conditions for margin calculation CPQ solution

Margin calculation

Profit margin is the fundamental measure of a business, measuring how much of every euro in sale flows to your business bottom line - it shows how much money your business is making.


In pCon.basket PRO you’ll always have the margin of each quotation always visible, helping you to immediately understand the impact of each discount on the project’s profit margin.

Margin calculation in the quotation CPQ

Integrate with other systems

Generate an XML file, a standard format created to facilitate the integration of information between different systems. This makes it possible to integrate the quotation with your ERP system, to automate the order entry process.


If the quotation has products from different suppliers you can generate one XML file for each manufacturer.

Export article list as XML for ERP integration - CPQ solution

pCon.basket CE

Free solution for the community

Create article lists, access extended product information, generate quotations as PDFs and directly store them it into your Office 365 cloud space.


The solution is free for pCon community users. Register today!

pCon.basket PRO
Complete solution for professionals

Complete professional version which allows to dramatically increase the proposal creation efficiency. It features advanced functionalities such as groups, special articles, alternative articles, super flexible discount/upcharge capabilities, and much more.

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