Creativity for living projects

Create projects using the living neutral library.

Insert containers, shelves, and bookshelves by quickly changing the many options available. All elements are parametric to provide maximum design flexibility.


Create modern articulated container solutions by combining models on the ground, with support and hanging.

Draw panels with maximum flexibility, inserting shelves and hanging modules. For the TV area, use containers or benches with the ability to manage cables.

Creativity and efficiency at the highest level in the creation of living room projects. Unleash your creativity!


Create original living room solutions intuitively and quickly.

You'll find shelves, side panels and boxes totally parametric for maximum flexibility. Apply hundreds of materials of the highest quality such as shiny or opaque laminates, woods and so many others.


Build articulated Bookcase solutions in a simple way.

Select from many different base models with doors, drawers, corner, TV units and more. All available in a suspended or with feet versions.

The most common standard measurements are automatically available - enter your special measurements and the geometries will be automatically adapted.

Silvia Giannini


We’ve been marveled by pCon. From small things to the most important ones, we use it regularly. We appreciate the continuous evolution. The updates, which come out frequently, make pCon a truly state-of-the-art solution for interior designers.

The whole process under control

The list of inserted articles is always aligned with the project.

Use this information with different suppliers. Send the project and article list to different manufacturers to receive quotes.

Design your products

The solution is extremely open. Import geometries, such as DWG, 3DS or SKP and customize your projects.

Insert configurable articles from other manufacturers or accessories from Sketchup's 3D gallery. Create your own custom modules with the powerful modeling features available in pCon.planner PRO.



pCon.planner PRO

pCon.basket PRO (soon availble)

Virtual Reality

Certified training


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The pCon solutions are focused on interior design professionals. There are various modules, some focused on interior design, others for quote creation and sales communication. Use the offline modules to get maximum power and the online modules to work and communicate on the go.

All pCon modules work with configurable data – a powerful mix of different types of information that speed up tasks. Your customer ideas will have immediate feedback, thanks to high levels of speed and interactivity generated by the configurable data.


You'll find the generic kitchen and living library (currently available only for certain markets), and hundreds of catalogs for furniture solutions for many sectors such as office, contract, home, educational, stores, and more.

Request free access to the pCon community.

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