The power you need

pCon.planner is the most popular system for interior designers in the world of professional space planning. The solutions and functions are sophisticated but intuitive.


It’s used by manufacturers, retailers, architecture firms, interior designers and facility managers - both for small and multi-million Euro projects.

Interior Design + Sales

Interior design projects are created to be sold.

Specifying and creating a list of the inserted articles are two basic tasks. We’ve automated them, saving you hours of work and costly mistakes.

Maximum compatibility

The native format is DWG, just like AutoCAD®. This allows professionals a flexible way to interface with other CAD applications.

With pCon.planner, engage your customers from the beginning in an innovative way while developing their interior design projects

Configuration is at the heart

A big part of the design effort is selecting and specifying the product – dozens of options and rules that have an impact on geometries, materials, price, descriptions and codes.

It's an extremely demanding job that generates costly mistakes.

Realistic images in no time!

Creating engaging visual materials is key to closing projects. pCon.planner uses the most innovative rendering technologies.


The path tracing algorithm ensures a realistic calculation of the light impact in the environment. The denoising algorithm, based on artificial intelligence, speeds the noise removal process. You have to try to believe!

The care for the materials

All materials in pCon are physically realistic - the interaction between lighting and surfaces produces natural images.

If the available materials aren't enough for you, you can create your own.

Michela Bruzzone


Tetris Design & Building

With pCon.planner you can give the customer an immediate and unequivocal reading of the project using high-impact presentation methods.

Conquer the market by increasing your communication level.

Invite customers to explore projects from every point of view with Impress - a free pCon service to share 360° panoramic images and 3D models.

Impress customers

Build the environment

Use parametric architectural elements in your project such as walls, doors, windows, floors, stairs and so much more.

As a starting point, use a floor plan (image, DWG or DXF) or directly insert the wall segments.


Work faster, saving costs and resources


Create immersive experiences in no time


Create fluid processes for the whole team

Discover and select furniture solutions



pCon.planner PRO

pCon.basket PRO (soon availble)

Virtual Reality

Certified training


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The pCon solutions are focused on interior design professionals. There are various modules, some focused on interior design, others for quote creation and sales communication. Use the offline modules to get maximum power and the online modules to work and communicate on the go.

All pCon modules work with configurable data – a powerful mix of different types of information that speed up tasks. Your customer ideas will have immediate feedback, thanks to high levels of speed and interactivity generated by the configurable data.


You'll find the generic kitchen and living library (currently available only for certain markets), and hundreds of catalogs for furniture solutions for many sectors such as office, contract, home, educational, stores, and more.

Request free access to the pCon community.

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