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pCon.planner PRO

Productivity at the highest level

Application focused on professional A&D who need extra functionality to create even more efficient processes.

pCon.planner PRO has everything you need to make a difference in your business.

Higher interior design productivity

Use multiple catalogs in the same session

Use configurable data from multiple manufacturers at the same time in the same work session.

Easily compare products from different suppliers to find the right one. Increase efficiency by creating a single article list.

Multiple furniture catalogs

Organize your projects

Clarity for customers is key. Group management allows you to split areas and spaces into folders.

The article list will automatically reflect the project organization by offering a quick and intuitive reading.

Organize your interior design projects

With pCon.planner PRO you have access to advanced features that will give your workflow the boost you're looking for.

Smoothly render

Need to render different views of your project?


Batch rendering allows you to automatic render different view in sequence in the background while you continue working. You will be notified when the work is completed.

Batch render for interior designers

Cascading changes

With reference copies you can create as many copies as you want of an article and arrange them wherever you want.

Just apply a change to any of the copies and it will be automatically extended to all others. Pure efficiency!

Cascading changes to update interior design projects

Quickly select articles

Define selection filters for the commercial data such as manufacturer, series, code, article texts, or layer.

Move, delete, or replace the selected items in a heart beat.

Quickly select articles for interior designers

Unleash your productivity

Duplicate the power

Run multiple pCon.planner PRO sessions at the same time to work faster.

Move items from one project to another by simply dragging them.

Double interior design power

Maximum dimension flexibility

Use the advanced dimensioning system with the ability to customize line styles, arrows, text, and more. Define your own look and feel and apply to all your projects.

Maximum dimension flexibility
Model with more flexibility in pCon.planner

Model with more flexibility

Meet customer customization needs with modeling features.

With features such as subtract, intersect, merge, and follow, create new geometries and associate commercial information. You can use them in both solids and meshes.

Advanced print layout

Create custom print layouts or import a DWT template.

Insert several windows that show your project. Choose which views to show, with what style and more.

Add texts and dimensions directly from the layout area and customize the appearance.

Advanced print layout for interior design projects

Show what you need

In the Layers panel, choose what to display in each individual view.

Create views with different information. For example, hide 2D layers in one view, keeping them visible in the others. Do the same with walls, articles and acoustic information.

Visualization flexibility with pCon.planner PRO

Take advantage of the additional pCon.planner PRO features to create customer tailored solutions and increase your sales process efficiency.

Present products at their best

Don't overlook any details when submitting a project!

With the Snapshot feature, customize an article’s image or assign an external image. Your client’s ideas will be crystal clear generating the best possible impression.

Personalize the product images

Much more

Integration with the sales team. Import an article list started on a mobile device.

Import PDF. How many times do you get floor plans in PDF? Automatically convert them to vector elements or images.

Add your products. Import external geometries and turn them into commercial products.

Maximum control over layers. Create, delete, assign, and filter layers in the blink of an eye.

Apply reference numbers. Identify all identical articles - useful for RPQs and during the installation.

Give it a personal touch. Visual styles allow you to customize lines, solids, and so much else.

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